Key findings

Guidance tools

Context and aims

The GOAL service in the Czech Republic was a face-to-face service. To work towards providing a high quality service for the target group, there were several tools used during the guidance process. Clients were active partners in the counselling process. Clients were referred to the counsellors in regions mostly through regional branches of Labour Office (in some cases, particularly in Most by non-profit organisations focused for example on the Roma minority and disadvantaged groups in the labour market).

Training of the counsellors and boosting their competences corresponds with high rating of the counsellors given by the clients, suggesting that the former factors contributed positively to client satisfaction. Vast majority of the clients was satisfied with their counsellors in the sense of explanations regarding the content and focus of the sessions, information backup. Such a positive stance towards the counsellors is also caused by the fact that almost no one has ever known career options and ever used a similar service before. Everyone appreciated that the COUNSELLOR dedicated to them. They could talk to someone about their life situation, look for solutions, offer a different view. These people also positively evaluated information about educational opportunities they had never heard of. From the techniques / tools used, all career guidance clients have identified personal interview as the most powerful technique (face to face contact). The selection of particular tools suitable to each individual client is very demanding and has to correspond with client’s needs.

Tool selection, development and use

Staff members attended training where many tools were introduced. They regularly use them in accordance with client’s needs. There are various tools developed for the GOAL project purposes (methodologies, online tools, cards, using of existing tools etc.).

Strengths and achievements

Positive feedback from the clients. There is a “common” methodology focused on work with client in both centres. General framework of these procedures has been respected during each session. Clients said they feel more motivated after the session. Direct face to face contact remains the most effective tool according to programme staff, partners and clients.

Challenges and barriers

It's essential to ensure awareness about this service to the general public (promotional tools, PR tools) and to secure funding of the services. Administration tasks were very time demanding for counsellors (providing high quality guidance x meeting the project indicators).



"GOAL interview: a client came to discuss a program for validation of employability skills, in which she is going to participate."

"In-house discussions with other counsellors and project managers on an unexpected issue with a student. We tried to solve the issue together. We had to contact another school."


“Presentation for unemployed people about possibilities to get involved into the Goal project and get free of charge orientation and guidance.”

“Orientation and guidance of adult people. 2 clients are consulted: they are unemployed and have plans for learning a new profession in order to find a job.“


“The prison population and educational needs of the detainees are far from homogeneous.”

 “Usually, there are 6 to 8 detainees at a time, each with an individual program. I guide them. The guidance can be focused on basic education, vocational education or specific courses detainees are taking at that time”


"Working with clients gives me energy and brings me joy, because between individual sessions I can see progress, changes, new beliefs, enrolment in education programmes and I can build good relationships with my clients."


"The feeling that I do a lot of good for my clients is priceless."

Czech Republic
Czech Republic

“At the start of every session, counsellors try to gather information about the client, his or her position within the family and wider friendship circles, and his or her health. They also explore the client’s feelings, ideas and motivation.”

“Based on the client’s answers, the counsellor selects ways to proceed in order to meet the client’s needs and goals.”


"All information, agreements made and steps taken during sessions are written down in the registration system"

“Even the names of persons clients have been talking about are registered in order to remember the whole communication line and, more importantly, to avoid them having to say things twice. It creates a sense of trust with our clients.”


from clients, counsellors and stakeholders


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