Key Implications

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Implications for future programme development

Gaining knowledge about the target groups’ needs and the adjustments of the counselling sessions and tools is an ongoing process. Awareness of the need for flexibility and adaptability is important and the adjustment of tools, according to individual needs, is a continuing process. Networking amongst specialists can be very beneficial in this regard.  The use of interpreting services is essential and needs great attention. Care must be taken and standards set in connection with competence and ethics among interpreters.

Policy implications

Implications of policy

The guidance counsellors within the Adult Learning System in Iceland enjoy support with their continuing competence development, the gaining of knowledge and skills in adopting new tools and methods. The job title ‘career-counsellor’ is licensed in Iceland. The Master programme for career counsellors has set general and specific competence standards that influence the counsellor’s skills in acquiring new methods and adjust them to the needs of the target group. Educational- and vocational guidance counsellors work in many places with adults e.g. Directorate of Labour, Social Services, Vocational Rehabilitation Centres, and within the formal school system. Even though they have other undertakings within these institutions, it promotes understanding about the roles and the importance of educational- and vocational guidance for the target group.

Implications for policy

During the GOAL project the sharing of experience and knowledge was considered, by everyone involved, especially valuable. This sharing promoted peer-learning, cooperation and support. This implies that it could be highly useful to develop a multidisciplinary forum where different specialists servicing the target group could come together on a regular basis. The sharing of useful methods/tools, and experiences (good and bad) could enhance the effectiveness of the professionals and organisations working with the target group.
Many of the GOAL clients were not able to take the next step because they lacked the appropriate readiness needed for them to move forward. This indicates that the formation of an efficient referral system between professionals is needed. The system could ensure that clients within the target group would be referred to educational- and vocational guidance when they have reached the necessary ‘readiness’ (there might be a need to reinforce the ability to identify the appropriate readiness for learning- or career development among referral agents).

In light of increasing number of immigrants using the service, there is a need for increasing the access to interpreter services. Analysing and setting competence criteria and ethical standards for interpreting services is necessary. Translation and adjustment of various tools is needed.



"GOAL interview: a client came to discuss a program for validation of employability skills, in which she is going to participate."

"In-house discussions with other counsellors and project managers on an unexpected issue with a student. We tried to solve the issue together. We had to contact another school."


“Presentation for unemployed people about possibilities to get involved into the Goal project and get free of charge orientation and guidance.”

“Orientation and guidance of adult people. 2 clients are consulted: they are unemployed and have plans for learning a new profession in order to find a job.“


“The prison population and educational needs of the detainees are far from homogeneous.”

 “Usually, there are 6 to 8 detainees at a time, each with an individual program. I guide them. The guidance can be focused on basic education, vocational education or specific courses detainees are taking at that time”


"Working with clients gives me energy and brings me joy, because between individual sessions I can see progress, changes, new beliefs, enrolment in education programmes and I can build good relationships with my clients."


"The feeling that I do a lot of good for my clients is priceless."

Czech Republic
Czech Republic

“At the start of every session, counsellors try to gather information about the client, his or her position within the family and wider friendship circles, and his or her health. They also explore the client’s feelings, ideas and motivation.”

“Based on the client’s answers, the counsellor selects ways to proceed in order to meet the client’s needs and goals.”


"All information, agreements made and steps taken during sessions are written down in the registration system"

“Even the names of persons clients have been talking about are registered in order to remember the whole communication line and, more importantly, to avoid them having to say things twice. It creates a sense of trust with our clients.”


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